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Play to Grow Program for Kids

The Play to Grow program is a play-based program designed to support children with special needs. Depending on the diagnosis and the severity of the disability, children with special needs often require extra supports in all areas of their development including social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development. The goal of the Play to Grow program is to establish a set of goals with the child’s parents to provide extra learning through play; learning that amplifies the child’s strengths and enhances the areas that require some TLC. Play to Grow sessions are developed based on each child’s needs and abilities.

This program is offered for children 2- 16 years old.


Some objectives of the Play to Grow sessions may be:

  • to help children build self-help skills so that they can be independent during transitions

  • to help children learn interpersonal communication skills like active listening and responding in conversation to support their social development

  • to help children build emotional expression and self-regulation skills and tools

  • to help children build confidence and understanding of their own development and needs, to be able to advocate for themselves


Sessions are offered face-to-face in Studio, or virtually 



  • Play to Grow 60 minutes $125 + tax

  • Play to Grow 45 minutes $100 + tax

  • Play to Grow 30 minutes $75 + tax (for children under 4)

  • Initial Family Consult $150 + tax

  • Discovery Call $20 + tax


At least one parent is encouraged to attend the Play to Grow sessions to observe what happens in session and implement the strategies at home. Parents will receive access to the child’s chart on our Jane Scheduling system which will include strategies to be implemented at home between sessions, as well as a summary of the session.


All materials are included


New clients must begin with a 1-hour Family Consult to review the challenges and goals for the family and to develop a timeline for Play to Heal sessions


Unsure if this program is right for you? Schedule a Discovery Call and learn more about the program

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