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Play to Heal Program for Kids

The Play to Heal Program is a play-based program designed to support children’s social and emotional development. The goal is to support children in identifying emotions, communicating how they feel, and learn to regulate their emotions and behaviour. This is a personalized program, offering 1-1 support to children and families. This program is offered for children 2- 16 years old.


The objectives of the Play to Heal Program are:


  • to help children understand the loss or change they are experiencing and how to journey through the grief process (death, divorce, new baby, move to a new home/school)

  • to help children develop skills for emotional recognition, emotional expression and coping strategies for managing difficult life transitions/events 

  • to help children develop strategies for self-regulation in order to change difficult behaviours such as tantrums, aggression, and defiance

  • to help children to develop coping strategies when a child or family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness 


Sessions are offered face-to-face in Studio, or virtually 



  • Play to Heal 60 minutes $125 + tax

  • Play to Heal 45 minutes $100 + tax

  • Play to Heal 30 minutes $75 + tax (for children under 4)

  • Initial Family Consult $150 + tax

  • Discovery Call $20 + tax


At least one parent is encouraged to attend the Play to Heal sessions to observe what happens in session and implement the strategies at home. Parents will receive access to the child’s chart on our Jane Scheduling system which will include strategies to be implemented at home between sessions, as well as a summary of the session.

All materials are included


New clients must begin with a 1-hour Family Consult to review the challenges and goals for the family and to develop a timeline for Play to Heal sessions


Unsure if this program is right for you? Schedule a Discovery Call and learn more about the program

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