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Meet the Team

Children's Healing Studio Ltd. Experts

Children's Healing Studio Ltd., has a diverse team that provides healing to children and families.

Daniella Costa Headshot.jpg

Certified Sleep Specialist and Family Sleep Coach

Daniella Costa

Daniella Costa is the founder of Rested Darlings Sleep Consulting.  As a certified Sleep Specialist and Family Sleep Coach, she is trained in pediatric sleep science, evidence-based strategies, child behavioural management and mindful parenting methodology.

Daniella works directly with families through a holistic approach that applies gentler but proven methods to help children develop independent sleep skills. All sleep programs are customized to work with the family’s individual needs and unique sleep goal.


Sleep affects every aspect of life; from your child’s milestone development to one's relationship with their spouse. As a mom of 2, Daniella understands the challenges of having a child that will not sleep and the toll that it takes on a Mother’s mental health. She is passionate about teaching healthy sleep strategies as the result is always happier, more confident children and even happier families.

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